Campaign Goal

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Brand Awareness

Logix Federal Credit Union was changing its name from Lockheed Federal Credit Union. They wanted to let customers within their Southern California regional markets know about the change.


Hyper-local Placements

A three month digital display campaign across multi-platforms was planned, reaching customers near each branch location (3–6 miles max). Creative included Flash, video pre-roll and audio, placed on the following:

  • Site-direct
  • Mobile sites
  • Pandora Radio mobile and display
  • Facebook

Map of California


25 percent more than average click through rate

Brand Recognition

The campaign reached 98% of people on Facebook and 3.4 million people in the target markets overall, at a frequency of 3.1 times. As the name gained more recognition, the engagement rate with video increased steadily.

10.75 million impressions were delivered, earning an overall click rate of 0.32% (well above the financial industry benchmark of .08%). Over 10,000 hours of video were watched.


Digital Delivers

Following the campaign, survey respondents were asked, "Do you recognize this ad as one you have seen before?" 16% remembered seeing the digital ad, exceeding the 13% who remembered seeing it on TV (Note: LION did not place TV advertising).

Logix logo on tablet

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